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Multiple distributors import and support

We provide full automation of pricefeeds import from distributors into Gepard environment. Data from multiple sources(e.g. conent-providers and distributors) are merged and aligned.

Electronic ordering and status feedback from suppliers

Order online directly from your Gepard Backoffice. Each distributor can be connected to electronic ordering facility, together with status feedback and shipping.

Real-time stock & price check

Make your customers informed well by real-time stock and price check facility. Through a real-time connection Gepard will fetch the stock and price of a good in a real-time and update your customer with actual pricing and stock level.

Make sure your customers are informed well of what they are buying.

Content providers are delivering rich content in flexible formats, making it importable into any environments and with a number of appliances.

Boost your e-shop with reach content:

- Datasheets with descriptions, multimedia, gallery of pictures, specifications.

- Product comparison.

- Product filters by specs.

We recommend Open ICEcat for a quick start and Full ICEcat for e-business professionals.

The actual content coverage will greatly depend on the suppliers.


Latest News

BINTIME at Internet World Trade Fair 2013
BINTIME at Internet World Trade Fair 2013

07 March 2013

Visit us at the Internet World Trade Fair 2013 in Munich, Germany.
Internet World, the E-Commerce trade fair, takes place once a year at the Munich Trade Fair Centre.
Internet World is exclusively a B2B trade fair. Exhibitors from the e-commerce- and Online marketing sector present their products and services at the trade fair.



‘’Bintime did for us a great job for implementing our new webshop and all the import and export interfaces. Bottom-line they did more than we had agreed and it was pleasant to do business with them. ‘’

Chris van Beusekom,