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Bintime is a software development and solutions service company, boasting over 15 years of hands-on experience in talent sourcing and project development Learn more about our clients success

About Us

Bintime is an IT development partner dedicated to ensuring your business gets the ideal team to deliver robust, elegant, and supportable solutions. These solutions are designed to simplify your operations and reduce costs more effectively than ever before. Our skilled workforce, coupled with relevant technical expertise, brings tangible value to businesses, whether they are industry leaders or high-tech startups.

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Bintime empowers technology startups to help them thrive in shifting and complex markets and provides the business leaders with development teams that deliver cutting-edge solutions.


The solutions you get with us must cope with your practical business problems. Our vision is to create solid IT tools that add value to the business today, and set milestones for long-term improvement and excellence in the future.


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Our Team


Highly skilled professionals equipped with a vast technology stack, their ability to create innovative software solutions establishes Bintime as an ideal IT outsourcing partner.

Product Owners

As the bridge between the customer and the development team, Bintime's Product Owners guarantee that customer requirements are met, ensuring the product is delivered on time and within budget.

Quality Assurance

Committed to delivering the highest quality products and services, the QA team ensures on-time delivery within budget, achieving high customer satisfaction by meticulously removing all defects before the product release.

Project Managers

Project Managers at Bintime possess the ability to accurately assess project risks, effectively plan resources and budgets, and ensure the quality assurance of every project and solution being developed.



You get solutions, not services

Assess our work based on the quality of IT solutions we deliver to your business, not by the scale of services we provide.

Scale-up & Scale-out

We structure each engagement to help you scale your business solutions, enabling you to meet the evolving demands of your customers and expand across various geographies and functions.

Customer collaboration

As your trusted partner, our success is measured by your results. We achieve this by utilizing the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks for collaboration, ensuring that our work remains transparent and instantly traceable from anywhere in the world.

Cross-functional teams

Developing a digital experience and product from start to finish involves input and expertise from various roles. Our hybrid teams collaborate to deliver comprehensive technology solutions that drive your business goals forward.

Engineering speed & quality

We continuously train our engineers at all levels in the latest technologies and implementation frameworks. Our approach involves deploying top-tier teams for your business from anywhere in the world, ensuring speed and quality at scale.

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