Neural Networks: Types, Internal Structure, and Working Characteristics
Modern Image Classification Models [Development Notes]
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Modern Image Classification Models [Development Notes]

What are the most popular models for detecting and classifying images? In today's Development Notes, we sit down with Sergii Shvets, CEO at Bintime to dive into this topic.
Sergey Shvets
AI Product Data Mapping Development Notes
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AI Product Data Mapping [Development Notes]

Companies that are steadily developing and expanding inevitably sooner or later face a situation where there is too much product data and its quality is deteriorating. These problems lead to the fact that your products take longer to reach various trading platforms.
Cyril Dorogan
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Bintime + InfoTech Growth Partner Video Podcast Now Available

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest video podcast episode on the InfoTech Growth Partner Podcast with Jasper van Loon, featuring an engaging conversation with Sergii Shvets, the esteemed Founder and CEO of Bintime.This episode provides a deep dive into how technology can drive ...
Headless eCommerce platform [Full Guide]
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Headless eCommerce Platform [Full Guide]

In 2024, companies continue to focus on introducing digital services that improve the quality of the shopping experience and customer loyalty. Headless eCommerce tools, a “modular” approach to building software architecture, allow you to achieve seamlessness and omnichannel functionality on e-commer
Sergey Shvets

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