Automated creation of rich content product pages: Gepard Syndicator

BINTIME is helping retailers, distributors, and manufacturers all over the world to add new automation capabilities.  Rich content imports from several sources (including IceŠ”at, Samsung, Intel, Sony, HP CAP, Philips, L'Oréal, Canon and much more), allows retailers like Centralpoint, Futurumshop, and manufacturers to keep their product data rich and up to date.


“Simply put that you can get a tool for automated creation of rich content product pages in real time”, says BINTIME CEO Sergey Shvets

product content syndication

Solid and established by brands GEPARD Syndicator, “with which we can aggregate and transform product data into any format”, according to Project manager Oleg Luferenko.

This product addresses the need -  enrich content and reduce data integration costs for brands that are required to transform their product data into retailer-specific data transportation methods (REST, FTP, XML, etc) and data format.

BINTIME proved, to match the needs of a consumer with the right product, and the Syndicator as an add-on to webshops or standalone application. This module includes SEO-friendly features and PIM.


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