Dutch Companies Success Stories: Leading The Way With Bintime

Historically, Dutch companies tend to easily outsource their information technology needs to European vendors. The main reasons for that are a local scarcity in professionals and lower wages in non-Western-European countries. Moreover, Dutch companies prefer to focus on business development and customer service quality rather than spending lots of time on building complicated IT processes internally. 

In this post, I want to share the success stories of Dutch companies that we helped and give a short overview of Bintime.

Meet Bintime: Ecommerce Solutions Provider With 15 Years of Expertise

We are a Dutch-Ukrainian company, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. We have proven ourselves as a reliable development partner for leading companies in Europe. Our dedicated team of 150 highly experienced developers works on eCommerce solutions and helps our clients reach their business goals. Since 2005, our expertise has broadened significantly and now includes web-development, application design, high-load system development, product information management solutions, and any custom programming you need.

During these years we have worked with a variety of clients on 100+ projects and each collaboration experience has proven to be extremely valuable. Nowadays, we work closely with a number of Dutch companies and help their businesses flourish. As I started my career in an engineer role, it has always been a very practical task for me: deliver what a business needs. 

Consequently, this core-value is the reason why we still exist, and even thrive as we hardly ever lose a client. More in detail,  what we promise, and we believe solutions have to be adapted to support business operations, and not the other way around. These beliefs have earned us a name for ourselves in our industry, as well as 15 years of satisfied customers.

Icecat. Trust and Long-Standing Cooperation

Icecat is the largest open product catalog, providing product content on 19+ mln products to 85.000 customers across the globe. 2019 fiscal year revenue: $12 mln. 

Project: Top EU Content Provider Platform. Powerful PIM & Vendor Central. 

20 years together. 

We jointly build it and run it. Our offering is ensuring that Icecat`s added value is fully transmitted to the clients and therefore it is fully aligned with Icecat’s strategic business goals. By collaborating with Bintime, Icecat reduces costs to export the catalog product data to their partners in an automated and dynamic way.

Dutch Companies Success Stories: Leading The Way With Bintime

Project outcomes:

  • Supported Icecat from the first line of the code to a high-end IPO listed enterprise.
  • Integrated with key marketplaces like Amazon, Aliexpress, Yandex, Lazada, etc.
  • Technical Stack: PHP, Yii2, React, Python, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, Elastic, ClickHouse, MongoDB.
  • 450+ brands are sponsoring content development (L'Óreal, HP, Asus, Xerox, etc).

We had various joint projects with Martijn Hoogeveen, and having been involved in building the Icecat platform & vendor portal has always been a matter of pride for our team. In addition, Bintime and Icecat frequently work together on external projects and help our clients to optimize their eCommerce processes. Usually, Bintime acts as a technology provider and Icecat serves as a product content service provider. Together we have helped lots of well-known companies like HP, Dell, Lazada, Elkjop to increase their operational efficiency.

Nowadays, we continue working together and hope to bring more value in the upcoming year. You can find more information about our partnership on Clutch.

FuturumShop. Best Webshop in the Netherlands for the Second Year in a Row

FuturumShop is an online store for equipment, apparel, and nutrition for cyclists and mountain bikers. The key target markets are the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg.  Annual revenue: $30 mln. 

Project: B2C Webshop & Mobile App Launch.

12 years together.

The cooperation between Futurumshop and Bintime company started in 2008 by developing a highly customized B2C online store. During the next years, the Bintime team provided end-to-end support of the webshop, held A/B testing campaigns, as well as developing new features. In 2018, Bintime & Futurum have launched a separate store — Futurum Quality Gear, which offers high-quality outdoor apparel of Futurum own production and brand.

Dutch Companies Success Stories: Leading The Way With Bintime

Project outcomes:

  • Mobile App Launch & B2C Front Office.
  • Customizing and integrating push messages within the specific libraries.
  • Saving navigation history inside the app and allowing users to manage screens.
  • Showing personalized banners for the Front Office.

Moreover, FuturumShop has won the award for Best Webshop in the Netherlands in the category bikes/bicycling for the second year in a row. You can read more about the project here.

We enjoyed our cooperation with FuturumShop and appreciate them choosing us as a development partner for such a valuable project. Gerco Vermeer has provided us with well-defined requirements and the communication process was very smooth. You can find more information about our cooperation with FuturumShop on Clutch.

Hatch. The Secret of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started

Hatch is a marketing technology company, leading the way in “Where-to-Buy” solutions and services since 2011. Annual revenue: $3 mln.

Project: Ecommerce “Where-to-Buy” Solution MVP.

8 years together.

Hatch and Bintime cooperation started in 2012 by gathering a dedicated team. The project was considered a challenging one as it required to manage high-load data and to create the solution architecture from scratch. We have built an experienced technical team of 16 members and already relocated 3 teammates to the Netherlands. The project was successfully delivered in the MVP form and then extended with more features. Currently, the Bintime team continues maintaining the solution.

Dutch Companies Success Stories: Leading The Way With Bintime

Project outcomes:

  • Built a devoted team of 16 experienced professionals.
  • Developed analytical widget which operates with high-load statistic data-gathering.
  • Helped to monitor conversion and provides insights about customer behaviour through extensive reporting dashboards.
  • Implemented a fully customizable API solution.
  • Evolved from outsourcing to outstaffing.

Working on such innovative and high-load projects as Hatch is always engaging for the Bintime, as our team consists of talented engineers who love to deal with challenges and sharpen their minds on daily tasks. We value a lot the opportunity to work together with Joris Kroese. For more information about our collaboration with Hatch, please visit our profile on Clutch.

L1nda. Dutch Hospitality Innovative Platform

L1nda is the Netherlands-based technological company that created carefree planning solutions for the hospitality industry. L1nda Planner helps to manage the team shifts and schedule their working days efficiently using one platform. L1nda Connect is an app for freelancers with the perks of employment.

Project: Building the Team to Enhance Development Capacity.

6 months together. 

L1nda reached us out in order to extend their software development team and gain the needed technical expertise. The Bintime team was happy to assist with searching the skilled professionals and took over all the organizational issues for L1nda employees. We have hired for L1nda 5 experienced specialists and the project continues growing, so we are on the way to closing 6 more vacant positions.

Project outcomes:

  • Hired 5 highly professional employees and are working on closing 6 more positions.
  • Increased L1nda development capacity.
  • Performed a short-term lead-time for closing the vacancies.
  • Proposed cost-effective terms of collaboration.
  • Organized well-cared working atmosphere for the L1nda employees.

IT Creation. Hold The Vision, Trust The Process 

IT Creation IT creation supports Dutch companies and institutions with innovative IT infrastructure solutions, which are the foundation of their successful business operations. Annual revenue: $50 mln.

Basic B2B Webshop Launch in 1 Month.

1 year together. 

The IT Creation application supports companies with eСommerce operations as a restricted "Where to Order" platform. 

In order to meet the client’s requirements, we provided services in:

  • Order management.
  • Customer management.
  • Products management & statistics.
  • Orders/revenue reporting.
  • Customer's Webshop customization.

5 Reasons Why It Is Beneficial to Collaborate With Bintime

1. We have deep expertise in eCommerce development. 

Being in the industry for more than 15 years provides us with a strong understanding of how online retail works. We have created numerous webshops and mobile apps from scratch, delivered eCommerce solutions to increase operational efficiency and automated product data management processes for lots of companies.  

2. We are trusted by industry leaders.

Bintime has collaborated with such companies as Lenovo, Canon, L’Oreal, Intel, Epson, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Kingston Technology, HP, Dell, Rakuten, and many others. 

3. We are flexible and people-oriented.

We can build a team of any size and any specialization tailored to your needs. We select developers, project managers, and QA specialists to implement your project and fulfill your needs, and can deliver according to schedule. While we manage your technical needs and team performance, you can focus on product innovations and outstanding customer service.

4. We deliver the best price & quality ratio.

The Netherlands has the second-largest demand for engineers globally. And, 20% of vacancies go unfilled every year. The hourly rate on the Dutch market is also much higher compared with Ukraine’s. Moreover, Ukraine has been rated among the top-10 countries by the number of engineering graduates (36,000 + tech graduates annually). 

5. Close collaboration with Dutch companies.

We have already cooperated with numerous companies from the Netherlands and are aware of general expectations from the outsourcing partner. Also, we are at the same timezone which helps us to synchronize well during projects. 

Closing Remarks

By outsourcing IT services, Dutch companies assess the broad number of qualified engineers and dedicated management teams. They obtain more financial flexibility, cost transparency, and have various options for implementing innovations and business transformation. In the upcoming two years, there is a predicted increase in the Netherlands outsourcing rate. 79% of respondents plan to outsource IT services at the same level or even at a higher level.

The Bintime team is on a lifetime journey to improve tech services and solutions. Taking the client’s challenge as our own helps us to transform it into a trampoline for customer success and the evolution of services. We are eager to help in launching valuable projects from scratch and guarantee a 120% commitment. The Bintime team always strives for excellence and is open to new challenges. Let’s work together and bring to life one more ambitious project. Contact us if you have some ideas to discuss!

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