Futurumshop is an online store for equipment, apparel, and nutrition for cyclists and mountain bikers. The key target markets are the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg, while Futurum Quality Gear delivers goods worldwide.


Bintime is an E-commerce solutions provider with 14 years of experience in the industry. The company accumulated its expertise by creating B2C &  B2B online stores, as well as a range of solutions for product content management and distribution. 


The cooperation between Futurumshop and Bintime company started in 2008 by developing a highly customized B2C online store. During the next years, the Bintime team provided end-to-end support of the webshop, held A/B testing campaigns, as well as developing new features. 

In 2018, Bintime & Futurum have launched a separate store — Futurum Quality Gear, that offers high-quality outdoor apparel of the Futurum own production and brand.


On March 27, 2020, aiming to deliver a more personalized experience for FuturumShop buyers, Futurumshop together with Bintime launched the React Native mobile app. 


In 2019 the number of mobile visitors at Futurumshop.nl store increased to 60%. The company focused on providing mobile shoppers with excellent experience and personalization to increase the number of loyal customers.



As a part of the customers’ loyalty strategy, the mobile app was to deliver every customer their own version of Futurumshop. Push messages were integrated to share personalized information on interesting products, new launches, and news. Integrated wisely, push messages are still an effective marketing strategy that helps to retarget customers back to the store, again and again.

On the technical side, choosing the Reactive Native framework enabled the development of a single native app that suits both Android and iOS platforms. To provide advanced customization, native integration for the push messages within the specific libraries was implemented. As a result, the Futurumshop mobile app, based on JavaScript, achieved the same customization level as specific Swift or Kotlin programming languages provide. And for even better purchase experience, a stack navigator was implemented, saving navigation history inside the app and allowing users to manage screens and routes efficiently. 

Bintime company was fully responsible for app development, technical support, email marketing automation, and client support services.


The Futurumshop mobile app provides more personalized opportunities for users, offering them the most suitable products for purchases and showing relevant promotional banners. Providing a custom mobile approach to each buyer resulted in the increased quantity of orders within the target audience of the Futurum.nl webshop. 



We’re innovating and always trying to do new things. Bintime team knows how we think. We’ve launched the MVP app fast, testing it with our customers and upgrading it in small steps. The team always stays focused and professionally deals up with the changing priorities. Now our shoppers’ feedback is positive, the app is fast and they like how it works. I’m really happy with how we did it with Bintime.

Gerco Vermeer, Product Owner at FuturumShop.nl


In the future, the Bintime team will support the current functionality, as well as develop new features highly tailored to the Futurumshop market strategy. Among the innovations, integrating the loyalty programs within the mobile app. To learn more details on how Bintime could help with similar projects feel free to drop us a line.

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