How to master Amazon data feeds with AFS

Have you already heard of the Amazon Feed Specifications Program? If not, keep reading to learn how it helps managing product data feeds and how it accelerates the whole sales process on Amazon.

Since 2019, Amazon vendors can avoid filling hundreds of fields in the NIS templates and submitting them to Vendor Central. Now all you need is to prepare a list of products you want to sell (only brand and MPN included), press the desired button and get all the product content automatically imported into your account. Sounds like magic? Let’s dig into details and the way it works.

Project Background

Our goal was to help vendors deliver high-quality product data to Amazon and boost their sales. Icecat, as a leading world catalogs provider, was invited to join the exclusive Amazon Feed Specifications Program. Icecat united efforts with Gepard, a strategic partner and a product content syndication platform with decent expertise in the product data distribution. As a result of the cooperation, a game-changing solution appeared — AFS Connector.

What Is Amazon AFS Connector

AFS Connector is a platform, which enables automated import of first-class product descriptions, images, videos and other types of content directly into seller’s shop on Amazon. The best thing here is that all the data is mapped on the taxonomy level, excluding any possibility of mapping errors. All rules for mapping categories and fields are applied automatically. Moreover, the taxonomy is dynamically updated according to Amazon taxonomy updates. So you just need to set the process once and let it run.

Why Integrate with AFS Connector

A lot of vendors still type in data to the Amazon NIS Excel templates manually. This
slows down a work process, giving a way to possible errors and data mapping issues. With AFS Connector, there would be no worries, because the quality of data is fully guaranteed by Icecat, the top worldwide content provider. But you are not limited to Icecat data only here, you are still able to combine your own content with the Icecat’s one. If you are interested in stories of success of AFS users, you can download a free Amazon AFS Connector case study.


How Does It Work

  1. Vendor prepares a product file with just 2 necessary fields (brand and MPN) in CSV and sends this file to Gepard
  2. Gepard transforms and syndicates the data
  3. Icecat’s maps data to Amazon specifications (in JSON)
  4. Product appears on Amazon
  5. Vendor enjoys the result. Each new cycle is an automated process, with no need from a vendor to input/update product feed data to Amazon

How To Get Started With AFS Connector

To get connected, you do not need to involve technical experts from your side. Icecat & Gepard team set up the integration, and then all you need is to provide a list of brands and MPNs for the product you aim to sell. As a result, all the products appear in your Amazon store. It saves lots of time, reducing numerous hours of manual work. 

Concentrate on your sales, and let the content routine run automatically.

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