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How Bintime helped merchandising platform drive conversions and sales in online retail for companies from the Fortune Global 500 list

About the client

• 24TTL company offers technology stack for effective online digital merchandising: • 24stream — helps to create rich content and broadcast it to the sites. • 24orm — content monitoring system at retailers online sites. • 24pim — unique ecosystem for storage and distribution of product content. • 24ar — the easiest way to bring in e-retail via mobile browser AR shopping experience. • 24pvm — automatic product video maker. Generates unlimited product video from existing content.
  • Industry

    eCommerce, B2B eCommerce

  • Location

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Client Since

    Nov. 2019 - present


Product Based Development


Symfony 4.4

PHP 7.4






About the client


24TTL is an international e-retail consultancy & technology company, which includes the fastest automated content syndication from brands to online retailers and an AI-based e-commerce analytics platform for brands to monitor the performance of their digital shelves based on 70+ metrics. The service is enabled with a single line of code, customizable, CDN-powered, cost-affordable and 12/7 covered by technical support.


24TTL’s services and solutions are integrated with leading international marketplaces including Amazon, Carrefour, MediaMarkt, Lidl, Ozon.ru, Yandex Market, and more.



Business challenge


24TTL required a widget for easy and convenient broadcasting of rich content from brands to e-tailers, with the widget being easy-to-install, customizable, CDN-powered, cost-affordable and easy-to-support.




Bintime’s team of developers stepped in 2020, when the global circumstances and the market required a quick and efficient output. The team fully developed the widget for broadcasting of rich content from brands to e-tailers. Further, within a few months Bintime created an MVP of data scrapping platform from scratch, delivered it for beta testing and is moving forward in deploying the products full-scale.


Value delivered


Sharing with 24TTL the common goal of creating a top-notch and market-demanded product, Bintime used the best practices and its expertise.
The result exceeded the planned scope as Bintine went beyond the initial requirements, factoring in features for the future:
– developed platform architecture for data scraping and parsing;
– used proxy providers to scrape data from behind firewalls;
– used ElasticSearch;
– realized implementation of the standard git-flow for the maximum stability on production;
– developed and launched a user-friendly and efficient widget for broadcasting of rich content to e-tailers’ shops.



Expanding cooperation / Project’s current state


The widget for broadcasting of rich content has been fully integrated in 24TTL’s service portfolio. In developing the platform for data scraping and analysis, Bintime has delivered an MVP that factors in capacities and features for further growth. The system is being beta-tested, with the data successfully scraped from Ozon.ru and Yandex Market. The plan is to further test the stability and extend the system to include 40+ major e-retailers and marketplaces.



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