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Solution for eCommerce

Hatch helps brands boost sales across their retailers’ online and offline channels

About the client

GetHatch is Where to Buy solution with key features: - Turning browsers into buyers - Channel monitoring and where-to-buy reporting - Accessing detailed sales channel performance insights


Dedicated Development Team








Apache Spark






Gitlab CI



About the client

Hatch is a global WTB provider, leading the Way In “Where-to-Buy” Solutions And Services Since 2011. Hatch work with leading global brands, retailers and agencies, helps boost sales across online and offline channels. In March 2015, Hatch received €3.5 million investment from Vortex Capital Partners, paving the way for double-digit growth and expanding to global establishments in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Moscow, Kiev, and Taipei. Among Hatch’s integration partners are Samsung, Lenovo, Braun, Canon, Microsoft, P&G, Walmart, Amazon, and others.



Business challenge


The client’s challenge was to manage high-load data and create the solution architecture from scratch.





Our high-quality development team helped Hutch to cope with high-load data in order to withstand hundreds of requests per second. This contributed to the achievement of the client’s business goal of serving users from branded sites around the world.



Value delivered


The project was successfully delivered in the MVP form and then extended with more features.
  • Built a devoted team of 23 experienced professionals.
  • Developed analytical widget which operates with high-load statistic data-gathering.
  • Helped to monitor conversion and provides insights about customer behaviour through extensive reporting dashboards.
  • Implemented a fully customizable API solution.
  • Evolved from outsourcing to outstaffing.



Expanding cooperation / Project’s current state


Currently, the Bintime team continues maintaining the solution, bringing Hatch to the place where it is now – one of a handful of global WTB providers. Hatch leads the space because of its relentless pace of innovation: adding physical retailers to its global network, developing and providing shoppable reviews, and offering tools for digital shelf management.



Joris Kroese - CEO at Hatch

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