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Gepard PIM: AI Mapping Development
E-Commerce | B2B E-Commerce | Retail

Gepard PIM: AI Mapping Development

The OpenAI API embedded model has been integrated into Gepard's PIM & Syndication platform to cover the data mapping — the most complex process of product content syndication and enrichment.

E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Retail

Eden Online Shop

Let's discover how Bintime development team overcame all the challenges during the online shop development process.

E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Retail

Eden PIM

Explore how Bintime development team overcame all the challenges during the Product Information Management development process.

Eden - Bintime ERP System Development Case Study
E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Retail

Eden ERP + Channels Module

Discover case study of Bintime ERP development service, provided to Eden — Spanish reseller.

Sweden Reseller Bintime Case Study
Technology | B2B E-Commerce | Software | Hardware

Products and Services Reseller (NDA)

Explore the successful story of the large reseller, business challenges they had, solutions, provided by Bintime dedicated team and more.

FuturumShop Bintime Case Study
E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce

Futurumshop Mobile App

Discover how Bintime transformed FuturumShop with a successful MVP, unique Loyalty Bonus program, and ongoing support.

E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce


Creating the high personalized webshop and mobile app for high-end online shop for cycling

E-Commerce | B2B E-Commerce


Hatch helps brands boost sales across their retailers’ online and offline channels, creating trust between brands and buyers by taking care of the customer experience and journey.

E-Commerce | Retail


Supporting E-Commerce through one global product catalog - Icecat, as an all-in-one platform for content and syndication, on their way to a position of a market leader.

Gerco Vermeer Development manager, BV
We have been working with Bintime for more than 15 years. They are dedicated and will always help to find a solution for our wishes and problems.
Martijn Hoogeveen CEO at Icecat
The core team is very loyal. They understand information management and communication, and efficiency has increased due to our long relationsip. They're very useful, especially on complex projects. Being based out of Ukraine allows for a lower cost base, as well.
Serhii Budiak CEO and Founder, Movex Ukraine LLC
Bintime was very helpful with their experience. I like the way they operate - it was like we were working together in one team. We made it very fast - it has taken only 3 months to receive a stable data solution which is used till today.
NDA CEO, Technology Company
Bintime turned our idea into reality, and they’ve been growing and scaling it ever since. The team delivers high-quality service with the latest technologies. They foster a talented team that's skilled in a variety of fields. The communication style is personal, and the team consistently meets deadlines.
We believe that technology SHOULD empower businesses to achieve ITS full potential. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive success because we know that when our clients thrive, we thrive.

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Cyril Dorogan
Chief Commercial Officer
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