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+ 13 years of cooperation

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+13 years of cooperation

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«The core team is very loyal. They understand information management and communication, and efficiency has increased due to our long relationsip. They're very useful, especially on complex projects. Being based out of Ukraine allows for a lower cost base, as well.»

Martijn Hoogeveen

CEO at Icecat

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You get human-centered experience in web-development, application design, high-load system development, product information management solutions, and any custom programming you need.

Technology Startups

Too many development firms overpromise on what they can deliver. We give you plans and projections you can actually rely on

Business Leaders

We give you the luxury to be able to start, stop and scale development as needed, so you can maximize the value you get from our team.


When you work with us, you always know the status of your project at any point in time. We keep everything as transparent as possible

Cyril Dorogan
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Cyril Dorogan
Chief Commercial Officer

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