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Discover case study of Bintime ERP development service, provided to Eden — Spanish reseller.

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Eden - Bintime ERP System Development Case Study

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E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Retail
Spain, Barcelona
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Business Challenges

  • Development of Online Shop, Totally Integrated with own ERP System. Eden grappled with the intricate task of developing an online shop intricately connected to their ERP system, ensuring total integration for streamlined operations and optimal business efficiency.
  • Legacy System Obsolescence. Eden faced the challenge of upgrading an outdated eCommerce system to modern standards, enhancing functionality, and improving user experience.
  • New Webshop Development Complexity. Initiating a new webshop from scratch presented complexity, requiring careful planning and technical expertise for a successful and seamless transition.
  • Reducing Marketplace Dependency. The challenge involved transitioning a significant portion of sales from marketplaces to the new webshop, diversifying sales channels, and reducing dependence on external platforms.


Bintime’s approach to the project was characterized by a client-centric design philosophy, with the design work taking place in close collaboration with the client.

* Bintime’s Team Composition: Team Lead, 2 PHP developers, 1 Frontend developer, Manual QA, Project Manager, and a Technical Writer (0.25 FTE)
* Client’s Representation: 1 Product Owner, Designer

The development process, conducted using JavaScript, was meticulously aligned with the client’s specifications and project requirements. Security-minded design and development practices were ingrained throughout the project’s lifecycle, ensuring that robust security measures were implemented at every stage. This holistic approach, combining client collaboration, iterative development, and a strong emphasis on security, contributed to the project’s success and its continuous evolution over the two-year development period.

Value Delivered

  1. Enhanced User Experience. Standard webshop features implementation contributed to an improved and user-friendly online shopping experience.
  2. Efficient Store Management. The development included a dedicated backend office, streamlining inventory management, order processing, and overall store administration.
  3. Integrated ERP System. The seamless integration of an ERP system into the webshop’s backend provided a centralized platform for efficient business operations.
  4. Operational Streamlining. The combined features and functionalities optimized business processes, fostering operational efficiency and productivity.

What contributed to success?

eCommerce Industry MasteryPrecision in KPIsClient-Centric NavigationCollaboration with Proactive Clarity
Our industry expertise was a guiding force, translating into tailored solutions that seamlessly navigated sector-specific nuancesPrecision was paramount as we meticulously focused on KPIs, becoming the bedrock of our dedication to achieving consistent project success and exceeding overarching goals.In our journey, client leadership served as our North Star, guiding us through a client-centric approach that ensured a harmonious alignment with strategic visions and goals.Transparent communication and our proactive approach included innovative solutions that went beyond the technological realm, driving project success through strategic initiatives and insights.

Expanding Cooperation / Project’s Current State

As the project nears its release, the focus is shifting toward enhancing the user experience through the development of personalized customer profiles. This phase will involve refining features such as order history and other personalized elements, providing users with a tailored and seamless shopping experience, further solidifying the ongoing collaboration between Bintime and Eden. The emphasis on features like purchase history aims to deepen customer engagement and loyalty, fostering a more personalized and user-centric approach within the evolving webshop.

  • Location:
    Spain, Barcelona
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  • Industry:
    E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Retail
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  • Partnership period:
    2019 - 2024
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  • Team size:
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  • Team location:
    Gelderland, Netherlands & Kyiv, Ukraine
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Eden Online Shop

Let's discover how Bintime development team overcame all the challenges during the online shop development process.

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