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Explore how Bintime development team overcame all the challenges during the Product Information Management development process.

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Business challenges

  • Data Overload and Workflow Complexity. Eden approached Bintime to address the challenge of efficiently managing a large volume of product data, seeking a PIM system to automate complex workflows and streamline product management.
  • Customized Content Integration from content provider. The need to seamlessly integrate client-specific content from Vox66 led Eden to require a tailored PIM system capable of accommodating diverse content formats while maintaining accuracy.
  • Demand for Dynamic Product Titles. Also, our client met the challenge of automating the generation of dynamic product titles and implementing product content and product title rules within the PIM system for consistent and efficient unique construction.


To address this challenge, a blend of cutting-edge technologies was used.

  • Computer Vision. Utilized to identify relevant tables within invoice images and structure rows and columns within these tables.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP). Employed for the identification of column types, such as item ID, item description, and more.
  • Programming Languages. The development stack featured Python for the NLP component, while the backend involved C#. The front-end technologies were integrated into the overall solution.

During development lifecycles the whole team has embraced an agile approach, implementing the Scrum methodology to enhance project management efficiency. This approach allowed for iterative development, clear & transparent communication, and adaptability throughout the project’s lifecycle. It ensured that the Bintime team responded to changes and delivered results in a more streamlined and organized manner.

Value delivered

  1. Data Management Automation. Automated product data workflows streamlined operational efficiency, reducing manual efforts and ensuring accurate and consistent data management.
  2. Client-Customized Content Integration. Tailoring content for Eden from the Vox66 content provider, product specification rules, and title rules were implemented, automating the construction of product titles and specifications based on designated product attributes.
  3. Content Constructor for Online Store. The implementation of a content constructor empowered Eden’s online store, providing a user-friendly tool to dynamically construct and customize product content based on predefined rules and evolving marketing strategies.

What contributed to success?

KPI FocusTransparent CollaborationClear DirectionGrowth-Focused Roadmap
The project maintained a meticulous focus on KPIs, with unwavering dedication to defining, tracking, and achieving KPIs.Transparent communication extended beyond mere technological solutions, incorporating strategic initiatives and insights to drive project success.The client’s clear direction and oversight played a pivotal role in achieving seamless integration and establishing a fluid partnership.Growth-focused web app roadmap ensured that project efforts were aligned with the client’s objectives and positioned for continuous improvement and expansion.

Expanding cooperation / Project’s current state

Continuing our commitment to the project’s evolution, we persistently enhance and implement improvements to make it even more user-friendly and tailored to the client’s needs. While the current functionality stands as a fully realized solution, our ongoing efforts focus on perpetual refinement, ensuring it remains a dynamic and continuously improving asset for the client.

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    Spain, Barcelona
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  • Industry:
    E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Retail
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  • Partnership period:
    2019 - 2024
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  • Team location:
    Gerderland, Netherlands & Kyiv, Ukraine
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E-Commerce | B2B E-Commerce | Retail

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E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Retail

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