Creating the high personalized webshop and mobile app for high-end online shop for cycling

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E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Marketplace
Apeldoorn, the Netherlands & Emmerich, Germany
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Highly customized B2C online store
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About the client

Futurumshop is an online store for equipment, apparel, and nutrition for cyclists and mountain bikers. Starting in 2000 from the idea of an online bicycle shop, Futurumshop now is the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg well known online shop for sporting goods, focused on the high-end cycling, outdoor and running industry, while Futurum Quality Gear delivers goods worldwide.

Business challenge

Harmen van der Meulen, founder and owner, claimed to build a high-end online shop that meets the needs of clients, who are both outdoor sports fans and share the passion for cycling. 

In 2008 Futurumshop was in need of a new webshop, that was successfully built, managed and supported by Bintime. 

In 2019 the number of mobile visitors at Futurumshop.nl store increased to 60%. The company was focusing then on providing mobile shoppers with the highest personalization even while expanding.


Keeping in pace with Icecat’s innovative approach and growth, Bintime’s team of developers has adopted the agile approach in development, cost- and time-efficiently converting Icecat’s requirements and ideas into the platform features and reducing their time to the market. To manage the increasing DB loads of millions of datasheets and media files, Bintime developers optimized the development team to be T-shaped, adapted the existing DB architecture and implemented new technologies.

Value delivered

The project was successfully delivered and then extended:

  1. Built a devoted team of 16 experienced professionals.
  2. Created a highly customized B2C online store:
  • Provided the end-to-end support of the webshop
  • Integrated the most personalized opportunities for users, offering them the most suitable products for purchases and showing relevant promotional banners
  1. Launching the mobile app for online store:
  • Push messages were integrated to share personalized information on interesting products, new launches, and news. 
  • On the technical side, choosing the Reactive Native framework enabled the development of a single native app that suits both Android and iOS platforms. To provide advanced customization, native integration for the push messages within the specific libraries was implemented.

A stack navigator was implemented, saving navigation history inside the app and allowing users to manage screens and routes efficiently.

Expanding cooperation / Project’s current state

Currently, the Bintime team is fully responsible for app development, technical support, email marketing automation, and client support services.  

In the future, the Bintime team will support the current functionality, as well as develop new features highly tailored to the Futurumshop market strategy. Among the planned innovations are the loyalty program integration within the mobile app.
To learn more details on how Bintime could help with similar projects feel free to drop us a line.

  • Location:
    Apeldoorn, the Netherlands & Emmerich, Germany
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  • Industry:
    E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Marketplace
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  • Partnership period:
    2008 - 2023
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  • Team size:
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  • Team location:
    Apeldoorn, the Netherlands & Kyiv, Ukraine
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