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Discover how Bintime transformed FuturumShop with a successful MVP, unique Loyalty Bonus program, and ongoing support.

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About the client

FuturumShop is the Dutch premier online destination for cyclists, mountain biking enthusiasts, runners, triathletes, and outdoor athletes. With an extensive inventory boasting over 17,500 products, they offer an unparalleled selection for all sporting needs.

The client approached the Bintime team to expand its reach and enhance the shopping experience for its customers by developing a custom mobile application for their two online stores – [Futurumshop.nl] and [Futurum.cc].

Business challenges

Futurumshop faced several challenges and requirements:

#1. Expanding Customer Communication Channels. The client sought to broaden its communication channels with end customers to provide a seamless shopping experience.

#2. Enhancing Marketing Channels. To reduce advertising costs, Futurumshop aimed to encourage customers to use its mobile app as the primary source for product information before turning to Google for product searches and paid advertising clicks.

#3. Launching an MVP. The client wanted to validate its mobile app concept quickly through a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to gauge market acceptance and potential success.


To address Futurumshop’s challenges, Bintime team employed Agile and Scrum methodologies. The project involved a multidisciplinary team, including:

* From Bintime side: Team Lead, 2 backend developers, 2 frontend developers, 1 QA, and 1 Project Manager.
* From the Client side: 1 Product Owner.

The process involved the development of a mobile application using React Native, aligning the design with client expectations and project requirements. The team established close & transparent cooperation and iterative development to ensure a successful outcome.

Value delivered

Bintime’s collaboration with Futurumshop delivered significant value.

1. MVP Success. The launch of the MVP served as proof of concept, affirming the client’s business idea was viable and monetizable.

2. Continuous Improvement. After the successful MVP launch, the Bintime development team continued to add value by introducing features that enhanced the user experience for Futurumshop customers.

3. Loyalty Bonuses Program. Through the mobile app, Futurumshop introduced a unique Loyalty Bonus program. This virtual currency rewards customers for making purchases within the app and can be used to buy products exclusively through the mobile application.

4. Increased Mobile App Adoption. Within just 1 year of the mobile app’s launch, the percentage of users making purchases through the client’s mobile app grew to 30% of all orders, demonstrating its success and effectiveness.

What contributed to success?

Strategic Embrace of Business – Oriented KPIsTransparent and Engaging CommunicationForward-Thinking ProactivitySpecialized Expertise in eCommerce
Our commitment to defining and meticulously tracking key performance indicators at each project milestone ensured an unwavering focus on achieving tangible results.Our dedication to delivering clear and open updates on team progress and project status established a seamless connection that made our client’s team an integral part of our own.Beyond technology, we deeply immersed ourselves in our client’s business, proactively suggesting improvements and innovations, such as crafting a mobile app roadmap that drives their growth.With our laser-sharp focus on eCommerce, we brought industry-specific knowledge that acted as a catalyst for success.


Expanding cooperation / Project’s current state

The collaboration between Bintime and Futurumshop commenced in 2019 and lasted for slightly less than a year as the initial mobile app was developed. Bintime continues to provide support and develop new features for the mobile application, prioritizing tasks based on the client’s requirements. The ongoing partnership ensures that Futurumshop remains competitive in the dynamic e-commerce landscape and continues to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

The partnership between Futurumshop and Bintime has resulted in a successful mobile app that has enhanced the shopping experience for customers, boosted sales through the mobile channel, and validated the client’s business idea. The ongoing collaboration ensures that the mobile app remains a valuable asset for Futurumshop in the ever-competitive e-commerce market.

If you’re interested in discovering how Bintime can assist with projects of a similar nature, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to provide you with more information.

  • Location:
    Apeldoorn, the Netherlands & Emmerich, Germany
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  • Industry:
    E-Commerce | B2C E-Commerce | Marketplace2008
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  • Partnership period:
    2008 - 2023
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  • Team size:
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  • Team location:
    Apeldoorn, the Netherlands & Kyiv, Ukraine
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