Discover how Bintime transformed Zenvoices with accurate recognition and digitalization of tabular itemized details from invoices.

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About the client

Technologies | FinTech | Artificial Intelligence
Gelderland, Netherlands
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Data Science
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Enhanced Invoice Processing


Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing


About the client

Zenvoices is a software company specializing in innovative solutions for invoice processing. Their suite of intelligent software caters to a diverse clientele, including accountancy and administration offices, SMEs, and non-profit organizations. Zenvoices’ offerings encompass robotic invoice processing, scan and recognition, UBL conversion, authorization management, and purchase-to-pay solutions.

Business challenges

Zenvoices faced a critical business challenge. Clients using Zenvoices’ services needed the capability to accurately recognize and digitize tabular itemized details (line items) from invoices. This process involved transforming scanned copies into digital formats, suitable for applications such as Excel.


To address this challenge, a blend of cutting-edge technologies was used.

  • Computer Vision. Utilized to identify relevant tables within invoice images and structure rows and columns within these tables.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP). Employed for the identification of column types, such as item ID, item description, and more.
  • Programming Languages. The development stack featured Python for the NLP component, while the backend involved C#. The front-end technologies were integrated into the overall solution.

During development lifecycles the whole team has embraced an agile approach, implementing the Scrum methodology to enhance project management efficiency. This approach allowed for iterative development, clear & transparent communication, and adaptability throughout the project’s lifecycle. It ensured that the Bintime team responded to changes and delivered results in a more streamlined and organized manner.

Value delivered

Our client wears multiple hats, serving as the product owner, team lead, and primary customer representative. Orchestrating a team of approximately six in-house developers, they’ve also enlisted additional support from Bintime.

Our role in this dynamic collaboration is akin to strategic support. We’ve actively contributed to refining and enhancing the Zenvoices product. It’s a partnership built on collaboration, where our expertise seamlessly integrated with the client’s team to drive successful outcomes.

  1. Enhanced Invoice Processing. Zenvoices’ clients now benefit from efficient and accurate table extraction from invoices, simplifying their workflow and saving valuable time.
  2. Technological Expertise. Bintime’s expertise in Computer Vision and NLP contributed to the development of advanced features, improving the quality and efficiency of Zenvoices’ solutions.
  3. Long-Term Collaboration. The collaboration has been ongoing for over 2 years, showcasing a successful, enduring partnership. Bintime proactively participates in the development of Zenvoices’ product and provides extensive support, indicating a strong, mutually beneficial relationship.

What contributed to success?

Clients’ Exceptional Project Management

Crystal-Clear Collaboration

Proactive Innovation Beyond Technology

Adherence to Business-Centric KPIs

Thanks to the client’s management team, who gave us clear direction and effective project oversight throughout the collaboration.

Our unwavering efforts to deliver clear, open updates on team progress and project status established a seamless collaboration, seamlessly integrating our client’s team into our own.

Going above and beyond technology, we deeply immersed ourselves in our client’s business, proactively suggesting enhancements and innovations, such as the creation of a growth-focused mobile app roadmap.

Our steadfast dedication to defining and meticulously tracking KPIs at every project milestone ensured an unwavering commitment to achieving the necessary results.


Expanding cooperation / Project’s current state

The collaboration between Bintime and Zenvoices is flourishing. We are currently focused on strengthening and expanding our work, moving steadily towards beta testing.

The future holds the promise of further advancements, and the enduring cooperation demonstrates a strong synergy between our two teams. The commitment to innovation and ongoing development underpins the success of the collaboration, and the evolution of the Zenvoices product.

If you are looking for an experienced data engineering team – feel free to contact us.

  • Location:
    Gelderland, Netherlands
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  • Industry:
    Technologies | FinTech | Artificial Intelligence
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  • Partnership period:
    2021 - 2023
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  • Team size:
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  • Team location:
    Gelderland, Netherlands & Kyiv, Ukraine
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