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Whether you need an infusion of hard skills into your team or a robust turn-key solution with solid post-production support, Bintime has your back. REQUEST A TEAM


+ 13 years of cooperation
+15 years of cooperation
+21 years of cooperation
+ 11 years of cooperation
+2 years of cooperation

How we differ


Solving practical business problems

You receive workable and sustainable solutions over fancy tech. Our prior experience allows us to cope with real-life challenges that your business currently faces.

Promising only what we can deliver

Check our cases & partners’ reviews that demonstrate the way we deliver on the original work scope

Geographical and cultural proximity

Your new dedicated software team will be ready to work hour synchronization and strong spoken English

Up and Down Scaling

Your team is built around your long-term business needs. Add more experts or recall some of them as the project evolves, to bring more value to it.

Fast team assembly and enrollment

Your new team will be ready to go in just 3-5 weeks thanks to our brand’s goodwill and reputation amongst peer IT, engineers, worldwide.

Solid Project Security

Expect full compliance with industry & customers’ data security regulations as well as strict NDA following and monitoring.
Building your solution with top tech

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Choose The Right Cooperation

Product-Based Development

Your project’s goals and scope are well understood and specified. Now all you need is a competent contractor to get it done & supported afterwards

Team Extention

Your in-house team is on its toes, overloaded with all the current deadlines. It is lacking critical technical competences and can't move on and be efficient with all the tasks needed to be done.

Dedicated Development Team

Your business is facing a complex organizational and/or tech challenge. It calls upon a robust set of skills and focused dedication to complete 100%.
Gerco Vermeer Development manager, BV
We have been working with Bintime for more than 15 years. They are dedicated and will always help to find a solution for our wishes and problems.
Martijn Hoogeveen CEO at Icecat
The core team is very loyal. They understand information management and communication, and efficiency has increased due to our long relationsip. They're very useful, especially on complex projects. Being based out of Ukraine allows for a lower cost base, as well.
Serhii Budiak CEO and Founder, Movex Ukraine LLC
Bintime was very helpful with their experience. I like the way they operate - it was like we were working together in one team. We made it very fast - it has taken only 3 months to receive a stable data solution which is used till today.
NDA CEO, Technology Company
Bintime turned our idea into reality, and they’ve been growing and scaling it ever since. The team delivers high-quality service with the latest technologies. They foster a talented team that's skilled in a variety of fields. The communication style is personal, and the team consistently meets deadlines.

This solution works best for


Validate your product concept

Define its scope, and build a prototype before you kick off your project.

IT landscape analysis

Save a lot of your resources with our competent prior analysis of your projects’ IT landscape. Get a good idea of a future product/system roadmap, match your ideas with real business goals, plan for future stability and maintenance.

Quick and easy start

Hire the core of your first outsourced team within weeks. Call upon our talents’ pool, proven recruitment capabilities, and a strong employer brand that commands respect in the industry.

Why us?

Easy hiring of niche tech experts

You will not see junior devs pulling senior’s weight. Neither will we assign a senior engineer to where his or her skills will stay underused.

After assessing your IT landscape and the capability gaps, expect us to offer you the adequate number of experts with the right skill level for every single position within 3-5 weeks from start.

Each candidate undergoes a thorough skill testing and interview (including those by our partners). Only those who can live up to their CV, show strong tech skills, and lean on successful experience are offered a place on the team. Your team.

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Problem-solving mindset

The ability we value next to functional coding skills is a specialist's problem-solving mindset.

Our devs are capable of independent judgement and thinking about practical problem solutions. It may include (sometimes extensive) legacy code and the selected tech, but not limited to them, if there’s a better solution.

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The Bintime Attitude

We are here to provide real world business with top 5% of IT dev experts and facilitate their cooperation for solid sustainable results.

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Business Mindset

15+ years of hands-on experience with large and small businesses provided us with some unique insights into what’s important to our partners.

We listen to the business’ real life goals. Then we transform them into effective solutions that meet long-term sustainability, security and transferability criteria, and fall within time and budget limits.

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Chief Commercial Officer
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