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With the ultimate attention to client’s requirements, Bintime helps our partners to experience what custom software development truly means - a unique, custom-made solution, tailored specifically for the needs of your clients. Looking to fullfill a specific client's needs?
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+13 years of cooperation
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How we differ


Solving practical business problems

You receive workable and sustainable solutions over fancy tech. Our prior experience allows us to cope with real-life challenges that your business currently faces.

Promising only what we can deliver

Check our cases & partners reviews that demonstrate the way we deliver on the original work scope.

Geographical and cultural proximity

Your new dedicated software team will be ready to work hour synchronisation and strong spoken English.

Up and Down Scaling

Your team is built around your long term business needs. Add more experts or recall some of them as the project evolves, to bring more value into it.

Fast team assembly and enrollment

Your new team will be ready to go in just 3-5 weeks thanks to our brand’s goodwill and reputation amongst peer IT engineers worldwide.

Solid Project Security

Expect full compliance with industry & customers’ data security regulations as well as strict NDA following and monitoring.

How custom software development works


Understanding the client’s requirements constitutes the basis for a successful custom software development project. At this stage, you can expect us to scrutinize every single aspect pertaining to the vision of your solution. This is where we make sure that a good beginning makes a good ending.


Based on the rich experience in outsourcing customer software development, we orchestrate the project’s kick-off, making it as smooth and painless for you as possible. With the account manager assigned, we sign the SLA and NDA documents to make sure your requirements are documented while your data is being protected.


At this stage your custom software development team is being summoned. That is, based on your solution’s requirements, we compose together a team of software engineers, architects, PMs, QAs, UI/UX designers – basically any experts you might need – that would see to a successful end-to-end software development life cycle of your project.

Development and testing

This is where the project development starts, as we incorporate omnipresent manual and testing practices into the development process, ensuring your software’s flawless performance and ultimate security from the onset. Working according to the Agile methodology, we remain flexible and open to the on-the-go changes in client’s requirements.

Release preparation

As a bespoke software development agency, we make sure to prepare thoroughly for every stage of a custom software development project. At this stage, we double-check the project’s technological, documentary, and legal readiness to go into the production stage. We fix the shortcomings (if any) and launch the solution.

Maintenance and support

Once the project goes live, our experts stay with you to ensure its impeccable performance, stability, and security. At Bintime, we build solutions that help our clients businesses grow, and we are there in the post-development stage to make sure they do it in the most efficient manner.

Who needs custom software development?


A business launching a new ambitious project

It is quite often that new business ideas are meant to win the competition with the unique customer value they offer. Out-of-the-box solutions won’t suffice here. Delivering unique customer value requires a unique tech solution, and this is where custom software developers enter the proceedings.

A company working on a niche-based solution

Let’s say you’ve decided to fill in a market niche that is overfilled with demand and suffers from the lack of supply. Entering such a market area often envisages a business’s need to cover for a specific need of a specific group of users. In this scenario, there is no better solution than to opt for custom software development.

An organization looking to save a business idea

Just like business ideas, software development vendors might be both high- and low-quality. Quite often, brilliant business ideas do not reach the market due to the tech partner’s scarce expertise or experience. If you have a decent business idea in mind, contacting an experienced custom software development agency might help you save it. It’s never too late.

A business seeking fast improvement

Deadlines and schedules are quite tight in today’s business world. A company looking for a fast improvement of a particular business process that cannot be mended with a SaaS-based solution should consider outsource custom software development.

Why Bintime?

What Is a Custom Software Development?

Custom software development means the creation of the unique software that is tailored to the specifc clients needs.

Such custome made software is made with improved security, greater integration, flexibility, scalability, and reliability then any off-the-shelf product.

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Why Use Customized Software?

Main benefit of the customized software is that it's made to specifically meet a company or organization's unique needs and requirements.

You can be sure that the software solution is tailored to the specific business processes and workflows, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Get answers to your critical business questions

What is better for your business?

  • Сustom Made Solution
  • Off-the-Shelf Solution
  • Tailor-made to meet a specific business goal.
  • Designed in accordance with the end-users’ needs.
  • Built specifically for your business, it is easier to maintain.
  • Built with a strategic business growth vision, which simplifies further solution scaling.
  • Cannot fully cover all of your end-users needs.
  • Multitenant SaaS solutions often lack customization features.
  • Faster to launch but harder to maintain and support. Often requires 3rd-party support teams.
  • The process of scaling the solution is expensive (often subscription-based) and is reliant on the software provider.

Choose the right cooperation

Product-Based Development

Your project’s goals and scope are well understood and specified. Now all you need is a competent contractor to get it done & supported afterwards

Team Extention

Your in-house team is on its toes, overloaded with all the current deadlines. It is lacking critical technical competences and can't move on and be efficient with all the tasks needed to be done.

Dedicated Development Team

Your business is facing a complex organizational and/or tech challenge. It calls upon a robust set of skills and focused dedication to complete 100%.

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