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Bring your idea to life, enhance existing product quality, reduce time-to-market, and decrease development costs with our turn-key outsourcing product based development teams

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+ 13 years of cooperation

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+13 years of cooperation

How it works

Define the scope

Pinpoint the scope of your project and its requirements with the help of our experts. Together we’ll find out the best resource solution to complete your project and achieve your business goals.

Allocate team members

We will use the audit results, our experience with recent similar projects and the desired completion time to estimate the future development team composition to cover 100% of anticipated project needs for all majors stages (which may require a different number of experts).

Choose tools and technologies stack

Use our expertise to finalise the future dev tools and technology stack that will be used to make the product work. Also at this point the QA and future maintenance needs are anticipated, because product-based developments call for such a long term outlook.

Kick off!

Within 2-5 weeks your development team is assembled, briefed and ready to begin the lean-based production and delivery process. Stay put with the work’s progress using our regular reports, or contact team members directly in case of a specific professional field query – we all speak english.

How you can benefit

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Focus on strategy or more important products

Your business idea will be turned into a market-ready product adjusted to the market needs & generating revenue while you can stay focused on your business strategy or/and your other products.e

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Stable and predictable delivery

Proven methodologies and product delivery processes (including CI/CD) will safeguard a full compliance with the release schedule and requirements.

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Extend and improve existing products

Utilise the strengths of product-based development: increase your market share & lower maintenance costs, get stable delivery & superb quality of added features and functionality that will enhance your business.

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Bring innovations to your daily business

Reinforce your existing product with cutting-edge technologies to unlock its full market potential. Our experts regularly generate innovative concepts for customers’ business and drive their integration.

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Get full set of IT services from one supplier

Involve the niche experts when they are needed, within an established collaboration setup. We complement our services with Product Strategy, UX, CTO, and consulting to make sure our partners and clients are fully covered.

Our team

Bintime's executive director

Bintime's team members

Sergey Shvets, Bintimes CEO - in the office

Bintime's team member

Bintime's team member

Bintime's team member

Project or Product?

Product-based development


Project-based development

  • Tied to the natural product lifecycle (as long as its live)
  • Ideally, completely eliminates all the risk, easier to pivot to other priorities if new opportunities arise
  • Calls all hands on deck whenever a critical design, functionality, feature or tests are made
  • Tied to business objectives, there is a very high degree of visibility

  • Has a defined start and end date
  • Delivering a defined outcome decided up front, on time, and within budget
  • Focused on production cells who exchange info on their project
  • You get visibility against time and budget, but you don’t get regular feedback on how the product is going to impact the business

Why us?

Easy hiring of niche tech experts

You will not see junior devs pulling senior’s weight. Neither will we assign a senior engineer to where his or her skills will stay underused.

After assessing your IT landscape and the capability gaps, expect us to offer you the adequate number of experts with the right skill level for every single position within 3-5 weeks from start.

Each candidate undergoes a thorough skill testing and interview (including those by our partners). Only those who can live up to their CV, show strong tech skills, and lean on successful experience are offered a place on the team.

Your team.

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Problem-solving mindset

The ability we value next to functional coding skills is a specialist's problem-solving mindset.

Our devs are capable of independent judgement and thinking about practical problem solutions. It may include (sometimes extensive) legacy code and the selected tech, but not limited to them, if there’s a better solution.

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The Bintime Attitude

We are here to provide real world business with top 5% of IT dev experts and facilitate their cooperation for solid sustainable results.

We are here to provide real world business with top 5% of IT dev experts and facilitate their cooperation for solid sustainable results.

We are here to provide real world business with top 5% of IT dev experts and facilitate their cooperation for solid sustainable results.

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Business Mindset

15+ years of hands-on experience with large and small businesses provided us with some unique insights into what’s important to our partners.

We listen to the business’ real life goals. Then we transform them into effective solutions that meet long-term sustainability, security and transferability criteria, and fall within time and budget limits.

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Choose The Right Cooperation

Product-Based Development

Product-Based Development

Your project’s goals and scope are well understood and specified. Now all you need is a competent contractor to get it done & supported afterwards

Team Extention

Team Extention

Your in-house team is on its toes, overloaded with all the current tasks. It is lacking critical tech competence to move on.

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

Your business is facing a complex organizational and/or tech challenge. It calls upon a robust set of skills and focused dedication to complete 100%.

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