Gain better expertise and results with a dedicated development

IT Professionals
Years of continuous work with a client
Successful products for our clients


+ 13 years of cooperation
+15 years of cooperation
+21 years of cooperation
+ 11 years of cooperation
+2 years of cooperation

How we differ


Solving practical business problems

You receive workable and sustainable solutions over fancy tech.
Our prior experience allows us to cope with real-life challenges that your business currently faces.

Promising only what we can deliver

Check our cases & partners’ reviews that demonstrate the way we deliver on the original work scope.

Geographical and cultural proximity

Your new dedicated software team will be ready to work hour synchronisation and strong spoken English.

Up and Down Scaling

Your team is built around your long term business needs.
Add more experts or recall some of them as the project evolves, to bring more value into it.

Fast team assembly and enrollment

Your new team will be ready to go in just 3-5 weeks thanks to our brand’s goodwill and reputation amongst peer IT engineers worldwide.

Solid Project Security

Expect full compliance with industry & customers’ data security regulations as well as strict NDA following and monitoring.

How it works

Help us to define your business needs

Pinpoint the scope of your project and its requirements with the help of our experts. Together we’ll find out the best resource solution to complete your project and achieve your business goals.

Get proven records of our experience

Or contact our partners directly to ask about the details.

The team is assigned to your business

Get a full 360 picture of your development team, with our strict and worked-out onboarding procedure. Be sure that our specialists will cover any gaps in capacity or technology stack.


Our job will be to:

  • Maintain their workspace
  • Manage project access and security
  • Provide the dev team members admin services
  • Work on retention and continuous competence training
  • Embedding your culture with your new offshore IT team

This solution works best for:


Launching a startup or a bulky project

Set any ambitious tech-heavy business idea: our dedicated & enthusiastic team of experienced software engineers will help you bring it into life.

Quickly acquiring expertise in specific tech or domain

Acquire the much-needed experts in a specific technology domain to cover all the empty bases of your project.

Fast scaling up and down

Scale fast, up and down with your dedicated development team - whenever your project requires it.

Severing businesses' dependence on local hires

Don’t get slowed down by the lack of available IT engineers.

Keeping up with deadlines and tight schedules

Your dedicated dev team is here to make sure you don’t miss them because of the IT department. Ever.

Why us?

What is a dedicated development software team?

Think of it as another IT department, ready to step into your existing projects, or to commence a new one from scratch. The team converts business goals into tasks.

They work close to your own working hours and your work etiquette (including communication in English). The only difference is that they are physically located at one of Bintime’s offices, supported and taken care of by our corporate staff and infrastructure.

See how IceCat has benefited in 2021 from over 20 years of working with the offshore dedicated development team.

Get answers to your critical business questions

How to start a project with your dedicated team?

Get started by contacting Bintime with information about your project. We will run a preliminary assessment of your IT landscape, get an idea of expected milestones till 100% completion, and estimate a budget.

We will also help you to reliably evaluate the kind of tech and the number of engineers and other experts you will likely need to cover 100% of the work. After this, if our proposal and its terms work for you, we will go ahead with your project… and you can expect your brand new team ready to work in a matter of 3-5 weeks.

Get answers to your critical business questions

Why should you choose Bintime Dedicated Development Team?

With over 15 years in professional software engineer’s team building for a variety of industries we’ve gained a lot of unique experience, that your business can tap into:

- Benefit from shorter time to hire and market. We have the resources available in order to hit the ground running. Top 5 % of tech-savvy experts, who also speak English and can communicate directly, work in your time zone and are fully committed to completing your tasks.

- Our previous projects’ experience: scan our existing project and look for a solution that could help your business relatively quickly. Sometimes such a solution may turn out to already exist, and be a good fit for your business both from a manpower’s and resources’ conservation perspective.

- Our first hand software development expertise in the domains of: ecommerce/retail b2b/b2c development, startup software/product development, Product Information solutions: PIM, DAM, MDM, etc, ERP systems and any custom programming solutions you need.

- The real first-hand experience with large international projects under the belt of our top dev engineers. Including projects that required extended tech support after the completion. We plan our work beyond the project deadline and include the need for knowledge transfer to the business and the project’s support before we actually start to code.

Get answers to your critical business questions

    Choose The Right Cooperation

    Product-Based Development

    Your project’s goals and scope are well understood and specified. Now all you need is a competent contractor to get it done & supported afterwards

    Team Extention

    Your in-house team is on its toes, overloaded with all the current deadlines. It is lacking critical technical competences and can't move on and be efficient with all the tasks needed to be done.

    Dedicated Development Team

    Your business is facing a complex organizational and/or tech challenge. It calls upon a robust set of skills and focused dedication to complete 100%.

    Let's write your success story together

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    Chief Commercial Officer
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