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Extend your dev team with English-speaking experts, wielding the exact tech stack and experience you need to get things running! Team up with us
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How it works

Ask us about your project

You will work closely with our knowledgeable experts to pinpoint the scope of your project and its requirements. It will help us to choose the best resource solution to achieve your business goals.

Talk to our existing and previous clients

Ask them directly how this model works for them.

Inject vetted tech-savvy experts into your team

  • All our experts are picked for their proven skills and previous project record
  • Find specialists that fit your corporate culture: pick the ones who would both get the job done AND integrate with your team’s deeper values, aesthetics, and mindset
  • You won’t see a bunch of junior devs pulling senior’s weight. Or vice versa.

Quickly expand your team

  • You can start in a matter of 3-5 weeks
  • You can add extra experts as the project unfolds and the new needs emerge
  • Easily scale down the extension and transfer work to your inhouse developers once the project is completed

Delegate HR, administration, and infrastructure setup to us

  • You don’t have to worry about searching, attracting & contracting candidates for your project
  • Once an expert is confirmed by you, we take care of the rest:
    • Modern and comfy offices to physically accommodate your team
    • Ready-to-use and secure IT infrastructure
    • Team retention, motivation, and continuous training activities

Integrate your teams & accelerate

  • Your new team members are provided with all the info about your codex of work, managerial practices, and other onboarding info
  • Your team members will enjoy the support of our local staff and other experts, to quickly resolve any ongoing issues with assigned projects
  • Delivery managers keeping an eye on and caring about your team extension performance & level of satisfaction
  • Receive agile methodologies, experience, and robust security standards, and ensure a full visibility of your project

Transfer work between in-house and extended team

  • You and your project managers will be in full work control of the new team members. Assign them work, accept tasks done and give feedback as you do with your own team
  • All your work practiced and codes of conduct apply to your extended team
  • Your core in-house IT team remains in the lead of the project and gains extra competence as they all progress towards its completion
Building your solution with top tech
Cyril Dorogan
Chief Commercial Officer
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This solution works best for:


Filling in the gaps in your team’s skillset

Whether you are starting a project, or stuck mid-way, hire exactly as many tech-savvy & experienced specialists as needed to complete the project within your timeline and budget

Get an IT crack team on your project

Follow our previous high-tech international project experience to get an idea of what value we can bring to your business to make your current project a hit.

Kick-start your dev project and stay on target

Augment your in-house dev team with expert developers to fit in tight project deadlines and accelerate your development.

New modules & new feature integration

Your project will get better with our best-suited technologies and continuous integration of new features in your solution

Lowering your risks

Cut down the risk of releasing an immature software product and bearing the associated extra costs

Enabling work on multiple simultaneous projects

Break free from IT resources’ limitations and cover all essential projects at once. You don’t have to choose either to support existing projects or focus on new ones.

Why us?

What is Team Extension?

Team extension (or team augmentation) is the admission process of finding software developers who have the right tech skills, expertise, and will become a good and loyal fit to your existing local IT team.

There are also some extra benefits (not linked to the actual new team members’ provision), like technical advice about the project or suggestion of working alternative technologies to achieve the project’s goals better.

Get answers to your critical business questions

How to Hire a Team Extension?

The process may differ from company to company, but with Bintime it works like this: we conduct a quick IT landscape analysis of your business. From in we derive the desired quantity & required technical expertise you need to augment. Then we do our job. Finally, after a quick efficient onboarding, your new team members are ready to dig into the first task you set for them.

Get answers to your critical business questions

Check if Team Extension fit your business

The extension is a temporary solution that allows you to quickly cover all the gaps in your team’s current work capacity and hard knowledge.
Augmenting your team helps you with:
- progress through projects’ bottleneck
obtaining new tech, critical to the success of your project
- keeping the project within the original time frame and/or budget

Vendor’s seasoned experts typically have a strong code discipline. It allows easier transfer of finished software support to other teams & lowers maintenance, upkeep, and improvement costs of operation.

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How to choose the right Team Extension contractor?

From our experience these are the indicators of dealing with the right agency to acquire team extension form:

- Team vendor is offering you some form of active auditing of your current IT projects and your inhouse team capacity, to see what’s missing to get to the completion
- The vendor has a proven record of previous successful projects and is ready to disclose details that are not bound by signed NDAs
- The vendor is ok with you contacting their previous clients to get first-hand feedback on their mutual projects
-The vendor possesses both first-hand expertise in projects using similar code & architecture, and they have a pool of experts whom they can call upon for the new project on short notice
-There are other top managers/business owners on your networking list who have successfully worked with this vendor before you

Get answers to your critical business questions

    Choose The Right Cooperation

    Product-Based Development

    Your project’s goals and scope are well understood and specified. Now all you need is a competent contractor to get it done & supported afterwards

    Team Extention

    Your in-house team is on its toes, overloaded with all the current deadlines. It is lacking critical technical competences and can't move on and be efficient with all the tasks needed to be done.

    Dedicated Development Team

    Your business is facing a complex organizational and/or tech challenge. It calls upon a robust set of skills and focused dedication to complete 100%.

    Let's write your success story together

    Cyril Dorogan
    Chief Commercial Officer
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