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Why to become a partner of Gepard?

Revenue growth

Revenue growth

Most ecommerce businesses want to customize enterprise solutions. This means that the revenue on each of them grows rapidly, compared to ready-to-use solution. Your recurring commission grows as well.

High conversion rate

High conversion rate

Gepard ecommerce applications convert from “that might be interesting” to “yes, we need it!” with up to 75% conversion rate. That’s one of the highest ones among ecommerce solutions companies and providers.

Dedicated manager

Dedicated manager

As a partner, you will get a dedicated manager, who is always there for you to consult you and your refferals on our ecommerce services, solutions, applications and frameworks.

Have more questions?

What is Gepard Engine?

Gepard is a set of PHP frameworks for B2B and B2C ecommerce companies. It automates import of product descriptions and photos; manages product placement on multiple points of sale; automates multichannel retailing.

How much will I get rewarded?

We reward you with 10% commission from lifetime value for provided intros. And that commission will grow up to 20% once you get involved into negotiation process and help us convert. If the account grows, your commission will grow too.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Written agreement might be signed at your request. It might include Terms & Conditions and Non-Compete Agreement, as well as regulate our cooperation.

Do I fit for Partnership Program?

We welcome all affiliates. Do you have a great network of ecommerce enterpreneurs? Or you run a blog / website about ecommerce solutions? Use your resources. And let’s grow together.

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