Product Data that sells

Gepard Product Information Management syncronises ecommerce manufacturers and distributors in order to guarantee that every online shopper has the right product info to make purchasing decision

Product Inventory Managemenit principle

Benefits of PIM system

  • Data Centralization
  • Collaboration & WorkFlow
  • Connect to all Channels (data syndication)
  • Multi language and versions
  • Transformation
  • Content Analytics
  • Time to market


Provide a single environment for all product content creators, editors, photographers.

Many people work to create product content. Help them collaborate in a single environment with the right and intuitive workflow.

No matter how many distribution channels you have, Gepard PIM helps you to provide the right data for each of them.

Sell your products globally, enter any local market with product data in any language.

Every distributor has a unique requirements how the data should be displayed. PIM with auto tranformation rules adjusts your product description, so it is correcly displayed among all distribution channels.

Know which data is being created, how your products are described, where are the bottle necks of content creation, who performs the best and how others can follow them. Find the way to become even better.

Stop loosing months in meetings, approvals and editions via email before your product data is live in the channels. Automate it and all you need to agree on with the distributors is the product range, which they sell.


Forget about spreadsheets in your workflow, keep all data in a single tool.

Test multiple versions of product data to see which ones perform the best. Let the team collaborate in terms of testing, improving, proofreading, curating and updating.

As a distributor, you want to sell products of multiple brands. Stop running after each of them to get the right product data. Sync to them through Gepard PIM and get product data constantly.

Get closer to your shoppers. Speak their language and provide segmented versions of one product for satisfy every shopper.

No more struggling with Excel sheets and image resizing. Now all the rich product data from all brands arrives in a format, which you need and which helps you sell. Visitors need data to take purchasing decisions. Make sure the get the right data.

Set different versions of product data and learn which ones perform best. Feel how your visitors interact with the product data and uncover the potential to provide even better product content for higher conversions.

Start selling products online the very next day after you decide where the poducts come from. No more waiting before product data is copypasted, adjusted, transformed and edited manually. You need fast results and Gepard PIM helps you gain them.

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