Rapid Prototyping

A practical, interactive prototype of your software or digital solutions to quickly validate concepts, test functionality, and gather user feedback. Delivered swiftly and efficiently

Services We Provide

Concept to Prototype

We take your ideas and transform them into tangible digital prototypes, enabling you to visualize and iterate on your vision

User-Centric Design

Our focus on user experience ensures that prototypes are intuitive and align with your target audience's needs

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We create prototypes that work seamlessly across various devices and platforms, ensuring comprehensive testing

Feedback-Driven Development

Collect valuable user feedback early in the process to refine and optimize your digital solutions

What Will You Get

Product prototype

An interactive prototype with a selection of up to three features, prepared for user behavior testing or presentation to potential investors

Analysis Report

Detailed technical recommendations for your architecture

Development Roadmap

A comprehensive compilation of technical insights and usability testing results, offering a strategic path for the progressive growth of your app project

Extended Development Proposal

We supply you with a cost estimate and a comprehensive explanation of the development process if you choose to proceed with BinTime for the complete product development

When Do You Need a Prototype?


When Do You Need a Prototype?

Use it to gather real user feedback and validate market expectations

Enhance UX

Employ it to observe user journeys and iterate on your product's user experience

Test Vital Features

Conduct tests to evaluate the core functionalities of your product

Present Your Product

If you have limited time and resources, create a prototype to showcase your product's visual design or essential features to attract potential investors

Our Approaches


Agile Methodology

We employ agile practices for rapid development, ensuring quick turnaround and flexibility

Collaborative Iteration

We work closely with you, promoting collaboration and iterative improvements

Cost-Effective Innovation

Rapid prototyping minimizes risks and costs associated with full-scale development, allowing you to innovate efficiently


Our approach places user needs and preferences at the forefront, resulting in prototypes that resonate with your target audience

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Cyril Dorogan
Chief Commercial Officer
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