Team Nearshoring / Outsourcing / Augmentation

Focus and achieve your business goals; let us build a dedicated remote development team to empower you! Whether you want to extend your tech department or create one from scratch, BinTime can provide a dedicated team of IT specialists with a global mindset and expertise
to meet any of your project requirements

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?


To use resources wisely

- To save costs and avoid overhead expenses and extra fees, especially if you were not planning to increase your onsite IT staff

- To make the starting cycle shorter, as creating an effective in-house team can be time-consuming

To prioritize and grow

- To focus on strategy and services instead of setting up a new dedicated development team

- To minimize risks while working on a competent project manager and set operating processes

- To easily scale up and scale down, the dedicated project team structure dispensing on business needs


To expand the team’s expertise

- To establish a periodic partnership based on a dedicated team model with accurate deadlines

- To implement expertise processes and PMI best practices of team management in the agile world

- To bring new practical knowledge to your team while working within a network of our experts

Services We Provide

Dedicated Development Teams

Secure skilled IT professionals tailored to your project's needs, working as an extension of your in-house team

Strategic Resource Augmentation

Quickly scale your workforce up or down as required, optimizing costs and flexibility

Outsourced Project Development

Leverage our expertise to outsource specific projects or tasks, ensuring quality delivery on time and within budget

Cross-Functional Expertise

Access a diverse talent pool, including developers, designers, QA testers, and more, for comprehensive support

Benefits of the Dedicated Team Model


Product-Centric Approach

We approach your products with the same care and dedication as if they were our own

Expert Technical Proficiency

Leveraging the best engineering practices, we bring a wealth of technical expertise to your projects

Complete Transparency

Our development process and communication channels are characterized by full transparency, ensuring you are informed every step of the way

Agile Methodology

We embrace an iterative approach to deliver optimal results efficiently

Efficient Communication

Enjoy direct and seamless communication with our team members

How We Work

Tailored to Your Needs

Our collaboration is grounded in your unique requirements, including defining the necessary technical skills, roles, and profiles for your project

Local Talent Acquisition

We commence the recruitment of dedicated team members within the local talent pool, meticulously selecting and pre-screening top professionals for your review

Client-Driven Selection

You have the opportunity to interview and assess the candidates, ensuring they meet your standards and expectations

Efficient Onboarding

Our HR team, in collaboration with your organization, conducts a seamless onboarding process for the new team members

Seamless Integration

The newly onboarded team members seamlessly align with your working hours, actively participate in essential meetings, and efficiently tackle assigned tasks

Let's write your success story together

Cyril Dorogan
Chief Commercial Officer
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